Tarnsfield Torpedoes Swim Team

*  The Tarnsfield Swim Club is the proud host of the Tarnsfield Torpedoes Swim Team.

*  The Swim Team is open to anyone between the ages of 5-18.  A current FAMILY MEMBERSHIP is      required to participate on the swim team (this is a Suburban Swim League rule). 

*  Our team is part of the Suburban Swimming League, which is comprised of 18 teams.

*  Swim team will start after-school practices the day after Memorial Day.  

*  The cost of joining the Swim Team is $95 for the first swimmer, $85 for the second swimmer,           $65 for the third swimmer and $55 for the fourth swimmer. This is in addition to your club           membership dues. 

*  Stay TUNED for registration dates!   

*  Stay tuned for information on how to register.     

* Questions about swim team?  Please contact Dara Savage at tarnsfieldtorpedoes@gmail.com

We are closed for the season.  We look forward to seeing you next summer!

65 Tarnsfield Road

Westampton Township, NJ  08060

(609) 265-2025

(phone available May-September Only)

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