Tarnsfield Torpedoes Swim Team

The Torpedoes 2020 Season has been cancelled due to the current pandemic. 

See you next year!

The Tarnsfield Swim Club is the proud host of the Tarnsfield Torpedoes Swim Team.

*  The Swim Team is open to anyone between the ages of 5-18.  A current FAMILY MEMBERSHIP is      required to participate on the swim team (this is a Suburban Swim League rule). 

*  Our team is part of the Suburban Swimming League, which is comprised of 18 teams.

*  Swim team will start after-school practices the day after Memorial Day.  

*  The cost of joining the Swim Team is $95 for the first swimmer, $85 for the second swimmer,           $65 for the third swimmer and $55 for the fourth swimmer. This is in addition to your club                 membership dues.   

* Questions about swim team?  Please contact Dara Savage at tarnsfieldtorpedoes@gmail.com


65 Tarnsfield Road

Westampton Township, NJ  08060

(609) 265-2025

(phone available May-September Only)

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